About Us

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LAPA is a dining reservation app that cater to food & discount hunters. We want you to have a great dine out experience each time. No more troublesome booking phone call, no more wasting time Googling the latest discount, all the hassle of waze-ing the wrong location cause the website is outdated. We bring restaurants & diners together in an app for a seamless dine out experience.


Why should you join LAPA?

Seamlessly match diners & restaurants

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Increase traffic

Boost your sales and secure a higher number of restaurant reservations

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Accessible diner data

Diners information can be centrally located

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Convenient & Interactive

Easily manage your promotions and deals in one platform

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Up-to-date information

We make it easy for your diners to reach you anytime from anywhere

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Valid feedback

Receives diner feedback to help you improve with the restaurant service

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Location-based approach

Navigate your restaurant based on diner’s location

Getting Started

Simple Steps

Step 1

Click Sign Up and create an account

Step 2

Fill up your restaurant's details

Step 3

We will send you an email notification and guide you from there!